Somehow 2022 will be year zero of data driven marketing. Without third-party cookies, the need to collect and analyze customer data to optimize customer journeys will accelerate. It’s a necessary change in which a central role will once again fall to digital technologies.
The imminent end of third-party cookies can be…

This year, we are bound to witness a turning point in the way in which publishers sell advertising and use data. The upcoming changes in cookie policy which will block third-party cookies mean that publishers will have to find ways to stand out by using first-party data (data which they…

How to drive new revenue stream from advertising

«Only 1.7% of the traffic on retail digital channels ends in a purchase» (source: E-commerce KPI benchmarks 2019 — Wolfgang Digital). By creating a media business and selling ad inventory, online Retailers can turn the remaining 98.3% …

Marco Belmondo

CMO at Datrix. Passionate about data-driven approach with proven success in translating ideas into business propositions and revenues.

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